Sunday, August 22, 2004

Islamists Claim Arson Against Jewish Center in Paris

Remember a few weeks ago when the French political elite pissed all over Sharon for suggesting that French Jews move to Israel because of the rampant Jew hatred in France? Well, Sharon has been proven right.

In one of the worst recent anti-Semitic attacks in France, arsonists destroyed a Jewish center in Paris... An Arabic-language statement posted on an Islamic web site said the attack was carried out by "a group of young mujahedeen" ...

"Without Jews we would be happy," and "The world would be pure if there no more Jews," were written in red ink on the ruins.

After all the Jews move, who will the Islamists attack? Catholics? Just wait until the school starts. This is the first year of the hijab ban. The Muslims, and not just the violent Islamists, will go apeshit. Get ready France. You reap what you sow. This fall will be a bitter harvest.


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