Tuesday, August 31, 2004

"Have Faith in the Power of Freedom"

Giuliani’s speech was fantastic. If the next three days have three more speeches like that then Kerry is in serious trouble. Good humored, anecdotal, folksy and self-deprecating but also visionary and abstract. Here's an important passage.

The attack on the Israeli team at the Munich Olympics was in 1972. ... The three surviving terrorists were arrested and then within just three months the terrorists who slaughtered the Israeli athletes were released by the German government. Set free. ...

In 1985, terrorists attacked the Achille Lauro and they murdered an American citizen who was in a wheelchair, Leon Klinghoffer. ... Some of those terrorist were released and some of the remaining terrorists, they were allowed to escape by the Italian government because of fear of reprisals from the terrorists. ...

President Bush decided that we could no longer just be on defense against global terrorism we must also be on offense. ... He dedicated America under his leadership to destroying global terrorism.

Wow! Good job Rudy. See you in 2008.


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