Tuesday, August 17, 2004

DU: Troop Would Shoot Americans during Martial Law

Really, I'll stop soon. The Democratic Underground is hypnotic in it's sheer weirdness. The conspiracies within plots within schemes within secret plans for yet more conspiracies. Here's a gem.

"Would our military turn on U.S. citizens at the behest of Bush?

Within the threads of the regarding the announcement of troops coming home from European and Asian bases, there has been some speculation that they are needed to enforce martial law after elections are stolen again in November.

This thread is not to debate the merits of that theory (elections will be stolen) but to discuss if you think the military can be convinced to turn on protesters and other dissidents at home

Note that the idea of a stolen election is a given. Some of the replies are classic DU stuff:

11. You bet your ass some would. And they'd do it with a smile on their rat-like little faces, too. Or did you miss the photos from Abu Ghraib?
19. Many of them would. Some of them are heartless biggots looking for a chance to shoot anyone other than white.
47. Look at Nazi Germany. Many Americans are worse than the nazi.
73. Yes, the army would attack American citizens. It would be a legal order, from the CIC, and they would shoot down citizens - don't doubt it for a second. These are not draftees, these are volunteers - much like the French Foriegn Legion - and have little regard for civilians. They will follow orders, this is something everyone must prepare for.

Wow! Are they acting out fantasies of persecution or do they really believe this stuff?


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