Sunday, August 15, 2004

Democratic Underground Goes Irrational

The Iraqi national government has ordered the press out of Najaf as the security situation deteriorates and a violent conflict with Sadr's men looks imminent. But this has pushed the irrationalists over at the Democratic Underground into spasms of conspiratorial fantasies (via LGF). Here's a sample:

  • uh oh, getting ready to deploy some WMDs on the Iraqis again?
  • Bush is fixin' to make some more mass graves I think
  • I imagine this to be the Sabra/Shatila of this debacle
  • Negroponte orders Iraqis to attack the Najaf shrine. Iranian Shia (with or without the approval of their government) storm over the border. The US becomes involved "repelling the invasion" and soon Iran and the US are at war. The US threatens massive retaliation if Iran uses it's missiles and then the US then takes out Iranian nuclear and missile sites.
  • its like Fallujah all over again and how very sad it is! Another MOAB? Another 10,000 dead?

Note that these people believe that the U.S. has already used WMDs and filled mass graves in Iraq. This is taken as such an obvious fact that no one bothers to document it much less refute it.

What I get from these posts is a collective projection of their own negative fantasies. They want the U.S. to use WMDs; they want the military to fill mass graves, they want a nuclear strike on Iran so that their hatred can be justified. This is cheap armchair nihilism at it's worst. I'd like to see the DNC or Kerry denounce this site and distance the real Democratic party from these sick, sad little people.


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