Tuesday, July 06, 2004

World Still Going to Shit. Spider-Man 2 Rocks!

Yes the world is still plunging into the crapper at record speed. Even as Iran gives the finger to Britain and the EU over its nukes, we catch Iranian agents in Iraq with explosives. This news comes on the same day that USA Today ran the headline "Foreign Detainees in Iraq are Few." Not that, holy shit! there we've caught foreign fighters in Iraq, but they are few. Numbnuts. But who's surprised, at either Iran or USA Today?

Greece is so far behind with Olympic construction that they will not have time to do a live test of the security system. I guess they'll test it when the Games begin.

Meanwhile 2 million French are living in ghettos seething with "anti-French feeling, racial hatred and the oppression of women."

We did manage to get 2 tons of radioactive material out of Iraq. This is good news. Of course it raises the question of how much more of this stuff is out there. My guess: lots.

But hey, SpiderMan 2 kicks ass. Go see it and forget about the decline of Western civilization for a few hours.


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