Friday, July 23, 2004

What We Won't Admit to Ourselves

Who are the terrorists? How can we stop them if we can't find them? The government believes there are cells here, now, preparing the next attack. What do we know about these people based on past experience both here and abroad? First, they are men, probably between 20 and 40. Second, and this may comes as a surprise to some people, they are Muslims. Not most likely, not probably, not a 99% chance. They are Muslims, certainly, without question. As the 9/11 Commission makes clear in the executive summary (page 16) "The enemy is not just "terrorism. It is the threat posed specifically by Islamist terrorism."

Therefore: No Muslims, No Attacks. Specifically no Muslim men. This is not racist as "Muslim" is not a racial category. Is it anti-Muslim, sure, why not? Not all Muslims are terrorists or even sympathizers but all the terrorist who are attacking us are Muslims. Even Muslims sympathetic to America or at least anti-jihadist do not  seem to be able to tell us how we can differentiate between terror Muslims and non-terror Muslims. What are we to do? According this report in the Washington Times (thanks LGF), "Flight crews and air marshals say Middle Eastern men are staking out airports, probing security measures and conducting test runs aboard airplanes."

This is not brain surgery. Do NOT let these men on the fucking plane. Flying is not a right and it certainly is not a privedge we should hand out to men from, say, Syria, or Lebanon, or Egypt, or Saudi Arabia. Sorry dude, take a bus.

Is this discrimation? Damn right but so what? Of course al-Qaeda has recruited men from EU countries to get by this but we should allow TSA security and gate agents the discretion to bar suspicious foreigners from boarding. Did you see a picture of Richard Reid? He was a terrorist out of central casting. (Actually a movie terrorist would never look quite so much like a terrorist.) He might as well have wore a "Taliban Rocks" t-shirt. How did this man ever get on a plane?

The time has long since past to cast off our archaic notions of what constitutes discrimination and fairness and face the grim relaity. Everyone who is ploting, organizing,  funding, and executing attacks against the US and the Western world is of one and only one religion. We can and should use this to identify them.


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