Saturday, July 31, 2004

Week in Review

While most of us were watching the convention or avoiding watching it, the rest of the world continued on its merry way:

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade burned down several PA buildings in Jenin, including a intelligence services office. Two interesting points here. The Martyrs Briagade is a tangent of Arafat's Fatah movement and Jenin is in the West Bank, not Gaza. Is the Brigade in more or less open rebellion against Arafat? Or is it doing this at Arafat's behest, to create the appearance of instability and thereby increase the need for a stronger PA security force? If it's the former, will Gaza-style chaos spread to the West Bank?

Iran is building centrifuges for enriching uranium. Lovely. The Iranian foreign minister told journalists in Tehran on Saturday: "We have now started manufacturing centrifuge parts". Draw your own conclusions but it's really just a question of how much closer this puts the mullahs to going nuclear. And of course the clock is ticking on a Israeli airstrike against one or more of the Iranian facilities.

The UN Security Council "demanded," which means they asked nicely, that Sudan stop supporting the Arab militia/death squads/rape teams in the Darfur region. Sudan alternately yawns, whines,
rejects the resolution and claims to comply with it. All this does is kick the problem 30 days down the road. It gives the Sudanese another month of killing and creates a perfect situation for the UN to wimp out in late August.

Rumors that Zarqawi, the Jordanian born serial killer and terrorist entrepenuer,
has been captured continue to circulate today. First a Bulgarian paper reported this, then reported the denial. Now the capture rumor, with some level of detail about the place and manner of the capture, are all over the Web. India, Kuwait, China are all reporting variations on this. But until I see the bastard in cuffs with an Army medic sticking a flashlight in his mouth. I won't believe it.


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