Monday, July 19, 2004

"We Have Killed Your God," Arab Women Sing as Men Rape

I thought I was difficult to shock. Then I read this in the Guardian:
"While African women in Darfur were being raped by the Janjaweed militiamen, Arab women stood nearby and sang for joy, according to an Amnesty International report published yesterday. The songs of the Hakama, or the "Janjaweed women" as the refugees call them, encouraged the atrocities committed by the militiamen."
Read that again. Women sang while men raped. They sang and "stirred up racial hatred against black civilians during attacks on villages in Darfur and celebrated the humiliation of their enemies."
While Arab men broke the bones of Sudanese women they captured as sex slaves, the women sang: "The blood of the blacks runs like water, we take their goods and we chase them from our area and our cattle will be in their land. The power of [Sudanese president Omer Hassan] al-Bashir belongs to the Arabs and we will kill you until the end, you blacks, we have killed your God."
This is evil. The definition of evil. And it's happening right now.


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