Sunday, July 18, 2004

Speaking Self-Promotion to Truth

I see this bumper sticker all the time: Speak Truth to Power. It's the mantra of a certain mindset. It's on t-shirts and has been marketed as a slogan on a bunch of crap. It's all over the web as a tagline for human rights groups, for groups exposing the Catholic priest sexual abuse scandal, and of course for one of ANSWERs anti-war/pro-dictator rallies. It is implied in the title of Joe Wilson's book, The Politics of Truth and the title of his website (possibly funded by the Kerry campaign)
Let's take a vote on what should be the real title of Wilson's book and website. The Politics of Self-Promotion? Speaking Untruth to Power? Shouting Lies to Truth? 'Mis-Speaking' to Power?
I'm waiting for the bumper stickers.


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