Monday, July 12, 2004

Right on Mahmood! Keep Up the Good Work.

My favorite Bahrainian blog, Mahmood's Den, has an excellent post on the state of Arab societies today. He starts with Saddam's trial and riffs on a variety of Arab political ills. Here's a teaser but do go read to whole thing.
"The current situation in any Arab country is miserable. Walk in any Arab street, go into any Arab office and you will be faced not with a proudly displayed copy of the "bill or rights", or even an extract of the Qur'an, but rather with large pictures of current rulers... Government sponsored media continue to pour platitudes on their wisdom which is portrayed as far surpassing that of Solomon, even though some are at best illiterate and habitually trip over their double-digit IQ. In "enlightened" countries as the Emirates, Libya, Syria, Egypt and others they have even created segments in print and television extolling their pearls of their wisdom which to even a moron might at best sound asinine. "The sky is blue" one of them would declare in one of his courts and you can be assured that it's tomorrows' headlines not only in the press, but even broadcast by their so-called news agencies.

What have we contributed to this world?... Essentially we have had nothing to show over the last millennium, yet we retain our misplaced pride and arrogance. We continue to shout out that: We are Arabs. We are Muslims. We are the leaders of the world. We hold the moral high-ground. We are right. Everybody else is wrong. And what has that state of stagnation resulted in? Terrorists hell-bent on world destruction simply because the views of the world, that is the "other" 2/3rds who share this spic of universe with us do not share these views and values."
Remember, this is not some neo-conservative blowing off steam late at night. This is Mahmood, an Arab and a Muslim who lives in a Arab-Muslim nation. This is solid freaking gold, people. Take note.

His site has a commenting system, visit his site and leave your thoughts.

Keep on rocking Mahmood. We're with you in spirit.


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