Monday, July 26, 2004

Planned Parenthood Sells "I Had an Abortion" t-shirts

I don't normally write much about domestic policy but this is too much for me to ignore. It's an Onion headline or an old Monty Python scetch come to life; it's beyond parody. I was cruising around the Democratic UNderground looking for inside dope on the convention when I found this: Planned Parenthood is selling t-shirts with the simple message "I Had an Abortion."

Why would they do this? What are they thinking? This is exactly what the anti-abortion movement lives for - tangible proof that pro-choice supports do not take seriously the moral ramifications of abortion, that they treat abortion casually, that the ending of a kind of life is reducible to a slogan on a t-shirt. I'm (reluctantly) pro-choice and this is just plain repulsive.

You wouldn't wear a shirt that says "I Drowned Puppies." PETA would lynch you, but this is acceptable? Words fail me...


Blogger DagneyT said...

The more they screech moronic statements, the more radical they sound. That would seem to be very good for congressional candidates as well as President Bush, wouldn't you think? IMHO

7:07 PM  

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