Sunday, July 25, 2004

Note to Frank Rich: I'll Take That Bet

Toady "columnist" Frank Rich trots out the standard leftist critique of recent government terror warning as "fearmongering." When Tom Ridge (admittedly a less than confidence inspiring figure) warned, during the same week that Kerry annouced his VP choice, that Islamist may attack "democratic process", Rich says his "real mission" was "to wield fear as a weapon of mass distraction."

Ok, there's no news here. Rich doesn't dig Ridge. But Rich then makes an astonishing claim. "Odds are that the next John Ashcroft doomsday press conference will be timed to coincide with the run-up to Mr. Kerry's acceptance speech on Thursday night."

Ok dickhead. I'll take those odds. Neither Ashcroft nor any other administration figure will give a "doomsday" press conference during convention week minus some dramatic, specific, detailed information. What odds will you give me Frankie boy. Two to one? Do I here three to one? What's the bet fancy pants?

Look for this Rant Wraith headline Friday morning. "Frank Rich Wrong Again, Owes Rant Wraith new Lexus." If I lose, look for a rare public apology. Rant Wraith, unlike the spineless Rich, stands by what he says.


Blogger DagneyT said...

As much as I disagree that Tom Ridge is "(admittedly a less than confidence inspiring figure)", I also disagree with "Rich says his "real mission" was "to wield fear as a weapon of mass distraction.".." This is nothing more, nor less, than a part of the build up for their next "Bush Bash", aka "The Manchurian Candidate". It comes out the day after the current abortion called the "democrat convention", a slightly less spectacular "Bush Bash". [yawn]

7:11 PM  

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