Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Michael Moore Suck Up Watch - The Daily Show

The Daily Show just spent 4 minutes blowing Moore. I hope he enjoyed it. TDS "profiled" Michael Wilson, the film maker who is doing a Roger & Me style documentary about Moore called "Michael Moore Hates America." Rather than treat Wilson with the same worshipful handjob they gave Moore (and which they repeat during this bit), they chose the easy, and less funny, way out. TDS ridiculed Wilson for his amatuerish, low-budget attempts to get an interview with Moore. This bit was 'hilarious' when Moore tried and failed to interview a famous millionaire CEO in Roger & Me but now that someone want to interview Moore, a famous millionaire CEO (of Dog Eat Dog Films), it's worthy of mockery. And unfunny mockery too. That's the real tragedy here. Mock whomever you want but make me fucking laugh or get off my tv, you snotnosed, elitist hacks.

Sad. The Daily Show used to be quite funny. They spared no one, took no prisoners and their only agenda was laughter. Over the last few months they have declined. Some of that is due to the departure of Stephen Corbert. He hasn't been on in a while and he was the best they had. But the real reason behind the decline of TDS is the shift in focus from an open season on all targets to a more partisan approach to comedy. This is always bad for comedy. Laughter has no agneda. As Seinfeld taught us, no hugs, no lessons.


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