Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Gephardt Exposes Contradictions

Some key quotes from Gephardt's nearly incoherent speech:

At a time of global terror, John Kerry will take on the terrorists where they live, before they can threaten us where we live.
So far so good. Of course Bush has said the same thing. Actually this goes much farther than Bush's policy. Notice that Gephardt wants to "take on" the terrorists not before they attack us but before they threaten us. This could include Iran and North Korea right now, today.

And he will never pursue a go-it-alone policy in the foreign policy area that leaves America isolated from its friends and hinders the hunt for our enemies.

Wait. The first will always conflict with the second. Our allies supported the war in Afghanistan only because we had already been attacked. The French, the Germans, and a dozen other counties will oppose any attack on another country that has not attacked us first.

Has he not been paying attention? This is the foreign policy puzzle of our time. We can go on the offensive or we can have the broad support of our 'allies' but not both. Gephardt avoids the hard choices by simply ignoring them. Is that because he's a lazy thinker or because he doesn't grasp the nature of the war we are fighting? Either way, it's time to exit stage left, Dick. Goodbye.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rant Wraith: Gephardt and company need to get a clue-- multilateralism is a failed policy. The US is a uni-polar power now, and cannot have allies in traditional sense. Once the USSR forced alliances, but until the rest of the world percieves Islamic terrorism as an equivalent threat TO THEM, we've got about a snowball's chance in hell of building viable coalitions with France, Germany, Russia, China, etc. They have their own agendas. Either the democrats are incredibly naive, or just lying.

6:58 AM  

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