Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Gaza reflects "self-made Palestinian failures"

The Daily Star for Beriut has an opinion piece on (cue the theme music) the "Chaos in Gaza". They place the blame squarely on Arafat (and no one accuses the Daily Star of coddling Israel) . Here's the money quote:
In this ongoing and evolving situation, the many underlying failures of the current Palestinian leadership all coalesce into a simple single fact: Yasser Arafat has led the Palestinian national movement for nearly 40 years now. While his policies have kept alive the Palestinian cause they have done so at a very high cost. Both he and his people live in miserable, often pathetic, conditions today, and Arafat, incredibly, has alienated virtually every potential partner, including many of his own political party activists and his own people, the Arab regimes, the Israeli left, the US, and now even the UN special envoy to the Arab-Israeli peace process.
Does anyone care to count how many prime ministers from how many political parties Israel has had since Arafat took over the PLO?
How about Israel's neighbors? Egypt? Three: Naser, Sadat, Mubarak. Syria? Two: the father and son Assad. Jordan? Two: the father and son Hussein. What does that tell you about the neighborhood?


Blogger DagneyT said...

Too bad the Palestinians have not received enough education to understand that if they got rid of this sick tyrant, their lives would be so much better! Somebody please take him out of their misery!

6:08 AM  

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