Tuesday, July 27, 2004

DNC Benediction by Imam Yahya Hendi

That's right. Who is he? What's his story? He works at Georgetown, "the first American university to hire a full-time Muslim chaplain. He earned a B.A. degree in Islamic Law and Theology from the University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan. He's a Ph.D. Candidate in Islamic Theology at American Open University, Fall Church, VA."

What is the American Open University? The offical site is mostly (and quite conveniently) in Arabic. But this site has the university curriculum from the summer of 2000 as taught in Fresno, CA.

What do they teach you ask? My favorite lesson is titled, Secularism is Shirk in the Lordship of Allah. Here are some high points of the lesson (tauhid or tawhid is the unity of Allah; mushrik and shirk are Islamic terms for polytheism, a grave sin for Muslims - Christians are considered shirk because they "attribute partners to God" through the divinity of Christ and the Trinity; shirk equals unbelief and infidelism; emphasis in bold added):

Whoever calls the people (and/or himself) to the following and obedience of another law other than the shari'a is a disbeliever and a mushrik.
The scholars of Usool-ul-Fiqh have all agreed on the axiom that "None has the right to legislate but Allah."  Don't be fooled by their discussion of whether the intellect can arrive independently at the ruling in an issue. What they are talking about is the intellect - through training and other knowledge of the shari'a and its sources and ways - DISCOVERING or "uncovering" the eternal ruling of Allah in an issue, NOT legislating independently of Allah Most High.
Clearly secularism - which includes the rejection of the primacy of the shari'a as the ultimate source of law and which claims the right to leglislate independently of Allah general legislation which define obligation, prohibition, choice or relational rulings at odds with the order of Allah and His Prophet (sas) - is a rejection of the Lordship and the Deityship of Allah Most High. It is one of the actions of shirk akbar (greater polytheism) without doubt. There can be no distinction between the one who questions Allah's oneness in His creation and the one who questions Allah's oneness in His order. Both are taghoot, mushrik and in a state of rebellion against the worship of Allah Most High.
The tauhid of Allah in His Lordship is not complete with the mere acceptance of his creation and his decree. Rather, it must also include His oneness in legislating, judgeing and commanding and the acceptance of the guidance and laws brought from Him by Muhammad (sas). Detracting from Allah's oneness in legislation is no different from detracting from His oneness in creation and omnipotence. The One who commanded us to accept His decree and omnipotence in all things is the same one who commanded us to refer and defer to His shari'a in all legal matters. He is the One who said: There is no sovereignty except Allah's. He commands you not to worship any but Him. (Yusuf: 40)
What the hell is the DNC thinking? Did they research this guy before they signed him up? Do they even care?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you couldnt be MORE RIGHT in your postings regarding this imam...and in fact...if you check some universities in the US, you will see they have accepted money from the wahabi lobby (saudies) to promote islam as a peaceful religion...thats the stipulation to receive the graft....and these US universities are taking it....hook, line, etc....the saudies have invested (by one article) over 76 million dollars in american education...you have to ask..why?...considering the illiteracy rate in KSA now...keep up the informative rants, i enjoy yours..prinzass annie

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for digging up the goods on the education of Imam Yahya Hendi.

I've reposted your comments on my blog, Northern Virginiastan, http://northernvirginiastan.blogspot.com. It's a new blog about monitoring Islamicists in Northern Virginia and the greater DC area. I'm trying to make the blog known to others through Emails to Jihad Watch, LGF, Michelle Malkin, ISIS, etc. to find others who can partner with me in this endeavor.

5:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact that the democrats have used this radical islamic to speak at their convention is just another indication that the DNC really is Anti-Christian, Anti-American, Socialistic and totally un-aware of the dangers presented to the American people by literally millions of Muslims who are committed to killing all who they consider to be infidels!! That's us! The American People!

9:11 AM  
Blogger imam works for bridge building said...

Greetings to all who come across this issue,
I pray with peace to all and for all of those who read this.
I know very well that, according to the Bible, a book from which I learned alot, that only the truthy shall set us free. Also believe that those of true soul must dare to pick up the and ask if what they hear is true.

Not only have I spoken against Ben laden and like wise, My life has been threatened becasue of my views in support of our militaryn Countrey and nation.
I ahve spoken in support of Isreael's existance and survivals. I have lectured on TVs as well as in person as to why Arabs must not hang thier own problems on the USA or the jews. They must fix thier own home before they speak against other. Arabs and Muslims must find the courage to include, love and cater for the Jewish community's needs.

My friends!! I nevr testefied for Al-Arian or against. I was called upon only as _ AN EXPERT WITNESS" ONLY ON ISLAM AND NOT AL-ARIAN as you are led to think.

I hope that you find it in your heart to look for the truth as only the truth shall set each one of us free.

Imam Yahya Hendi

10:19 PM  

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