Sunday, June 20, 2004

Saudi Revolution Watch - New Leaders, New Threats, Same Terror

The terrorist swine are already a step ahead of the feeble Saudi government. Clown Prince Abdullah threatens al-Qaeda in the most non-threatening language: "We tell this deviant group and others that if they do not return to the right path, they will meet the same fate (as Muqrin) or worse."

Or worse? Muqrin's dead, right? What's worse? But look at Abdullah's language, "deviant group," "return to the right path." Are you fighting terrorists or scolding adolescent boys? A threat goes like this, "Turn yourselves in now or we will kill you or sight," or better yet, "Surrender or die."

It's not just Abdullah, it's the entire government down to the lowest fluky, in this case foreign policy adviser/royal jester Adel al-Jubeir. He claims that the killing of al-Qaeda leader Muqrin has "substantially weakened" the organization. Yet they still can't find Johnson's body. Meanwhile al-Qaeda has appointed a new lead and is moving on. Unlike the House of Saud al-Qaeda is not troubled by the line of succession.

Rather than being weakened al-Qaeda is rubbing their triumph in the Saudi's face. An Islamist website brags that sympathizers in the security forces assisted in the abduction of Paul Johnson.

But don't worry, these same security forces are fighting the terrorists. Al-Jubeir closed his press conference/stand-up comedy act saying, "We will show no mercy. I'll be here all week folks. Tip your waitress."


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