Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Saudi Revolution Watch - Fliching and Shaking

Clown Prince Abdullah has offered amnesty to jihadists who give up over the next month. I guess they are on double-secret probation.

Here's the punchline: He warns the beheaders, the bombers, and the human sacrifice junkies that if they don't turn themselves over they will face the "unflinching power and unshakeable determination" of the mighty Saudi regime.

It's just incredible. Is Abdullah that deluded or is he a collosal, grade-A, high octance cynic? I mean, he can't really think that the terrorists will turn themselves over. Likewise, he can't really believe that, after decades spent refining cowardice into a high art that the regime has the capacity or the will to display "unflinching power and unshakeable determination"?

Contrary to Abdullahs school yard threat, the royal family has spent a generation demonstrating over and over again that the flinch often (it's a reflex at this point) and are quite shakeable.

Only twice that I am aware of have they done so. Once in 1930 when the founding king, with the crucial help of the British (the RAF), obliterated the Ikhwan in battle. And again during the 1979 takeover of the Grand Mosque, when the royal family required foreign troops (French troops I believe) to end the seige and roundup the insurgents. All the Saudis did was behead the captives once they were subdued.

In other words, at no point in their history have the Saudis, alone and unaided by an infidel power, ever demonstrated "unflinching power and unshakeable determination" when faced with a domestic threat. To call in an infidel army in today's political climate would be suicide. If Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, and the groups that will follow, are to be defeated the Saudis must do the dirty work themselves. This is one job they can't hire foreigners to do.


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