Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Saudi Institute - Security Waited for Johnson's Death to Act

The Saudi Institute, a website critical of the regime run by a Saudi dissident/exile, has issued quite a damning charge, even for the Saudis. This article claims that the Saudi security forces knew where al-Moqrin and his gang were holding Paul Johnson "at least three days before the terrorists’ death in a shootout" with the security forces.

"The Saudi government knew the location of a number of the terrorists but waited until they killed American hostage Paul Johnson before moving against them."

This explains how the police found and killed al-Moqrin so quickly after Johnson's murder.

Perhaps they chose to wait until Johnson was dead to attack al Qaeda because "They would rather have the terrorists free to justify the widening security clampdown." But I don't believe it. It seems more likely to me that the security forces waited to move until after Johnson was dead because:

- many in the the security forces are active al Qaeda agents who purposefully delayed the operation
- many in the security forces are lower class and have little allegiance to the mega-rich hedonistic royals and are reluctant to fight for them, especially in defence of a foreigner
- many are passive sympathizers of the al Qaeda ideology, even if they want the group destroyed. In short, many want neither al Qaeda nor foreigners in Saudi Arabia. They would rather wait until Johnson was dead and then attack al Qaeda, than act while he was still alive and rescue an infidel.



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