Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Pictures from the June 5th counter-protest in San Francisco

That's right. Not everyone in the Bay Area is a far left looney. A group called Protest Warriors marched right into the action, waving American and Israeli flags. The police had to separate the crowds. I guess they were concerned that the pacifists would forego their philosophy of non-violence when confronted with people who (gasp) don't support suicide bombers. Here are the photos. Some of my favorites:

- "Where in the Middle East Can Arab Women Vote? In Israel." Ouch.

- "Teach Your Children to be Doctors, Not Suicide Bombers" How can you disagree with that sign? How can that make you angry? If you want reasons from the far, far left (which is some cases is indistinguishable from the far, far right) then you miss the point. Hate means never having to have reasons.


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