Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Palestinianism Parade in San Francisco

'Palestinianism', a term coined by the scholar Bat Yeor, refers to the ideology of Palestinian victory over the Israel. It is closely related to anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. As a political faith, it is alive and well, even thriving in certain parts of America. Here are some great photos of a rally in San Francisco last weekend (thanks to Little Green Footballs). Be sure to notice the Palestinian head wear and the face coverings. Oh so very hip. A few of my favorite photos:

- "Smash the Jewish State" Not much commentary needed on that one. This guy is proud to be a Jew-hater.

- "Support Our Mutineers. Free Hasan Akbar" Akbar was the army sargeant who threw grenade into a tent, killing 2 and wounding 14, right before the war in Iraq. But I'm sure she supports our troops. Aren't you?

- "A State for a Race -Israel- Necessarily Racist" This one wins simply because it demonstrates a basic ignorance of Israel. It is a mulit-racial society. Israelis trace their heritage back to dozens of countries on every continent. In Operation Solomon the Israeli military rescued a large group of Ethiopian jews. There are Scandanavians, South Ameircans, Africans, Arabs, Russians, Iranians. The idea that Israelis are a race is stupid beyond stupid. Of course I'm sure the people who made this sign don't mind other states that are almost entirely of one race. They just hate the cartoon of Israel in their heads.


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