Friday, June 18, 2004

Newsflash! Invasion of Italy a Mistake!

Italian fascist dictator Mussolini had no direct involvement in the 12/7 attack on Pearl Harbor. The US government can find no hard evidence that the Italian government supplied any resources or assisted in the planning or implementation of the 12/7 attack. Contacts between the fascist Italy and imperial Japan appear to be purely formal and at a low level, indicating no serious cooperation between the two sworn enemies of the US.

Yet the first country we invaded after Pearl Harbor was Italy. This invasion was clearly not justified by the intelligence. It was a mistake and a violation of international principles. Sure Mussolini was not a nice guy, but neither he nor the Italian fascist regime he lead posed any direct threat to the United States. The US forces in Italy have not turned up any "doomsday weapons" or any secret Japanese facilities that might provide some justification for this foreign misadventure. The troops in Italy killing Italians should be considered war criminals. The Italians killing our troops are resistence fighters opposed to the illegal occupation of their homeland.

Look people, we cannot hope to win this mad war against fascism. Only a negociated settlement can provide lasting peace. We should convene an international conference to search for a peaceful way forward. War is not the solution. War is the problem.


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