Thursday, June 24, 2004

Iran Enriching Uranium and Stockpiling Chemical Weapons. Also the Sky is Blue.

News fucking flash: Iran is a nest of villains.

In testimony before the House International Relations Committee, Undersecretary of State for Arms Control John Bolton said Iran told the IAEA that it will commence "the production of uranium centrifuge parts assembly and testing" next week.

Bolton also said, "Reports by our intelligence community make that clear ... that Iran may already have stockpiled blister, blood, choking and nerve agents, and the bombs and artillery shells to deliver them, which it had previously manufactured."

This is the same Iran that supports Hizbullah against Israel and is currently fighting a low-level proxy war against our troops in Iraq. This is situation is reminiscent of the Cold War against the USSR. The Iranian people by all accounts do not like living in a theocracy and the mullahs by all accounts want to wage a war against the West. Will the regime collapse before the theocratic-industrial complex launches a suicidal war? It's a race we don't want to lose.


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