Saturday, May 29, 2004

Video of UN Terrorist Ambulances

On my earlier post I mentioned that there was video of Palestinian gunmen using a UN ambulances as a getaway vehicle. Here it is (click on the View Document link. your media player opens automatically. it's one minute eight seconds long.) The video was shot by Reuters on May 11 in Gaza, a day of violent clashes between Hamas and the Israeli military. An Israeli armored personnel carrier was blown up the same day. (You'll hear gunshots throughout the video but there isn't any graphic violence.)

This is an ambulance marked with the UN and Red Cross symbols, flying a blue UN flag, with its lights flashing. To use this vehicle to transport troops is a clear and flagrant violation of the Laws of War. If Israel shoots this ambulance you can bet your sweet ass they'll be castigated by the so-called International Community, called Nazis, accused of commiting genocide and all the rest. But what are they supposed to do? Let ambulances run around, moving masked gunman at will? Arrgh!


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