Monday, May 10, 2004

Surprises in Store

Let's say Kerry pulls his head out of his ass and wins. The Europeans and the American left are in for a real surprise because on the issues they care most about, Bush and Kerry aren’t that far apart. Kerry may have a more acceptable tone, although I’d argue that he is just as inarticulate as Bush but in an opposite way. (Bush stammers and uses simple terms, “evildoers”, “dead or alive” etc. but Kerry uses far too many words to say something equally as vacuous. He has a bigger vocabulary but few convictions.)

I mean, what’s Kerry gonna do with Iraq? Pull the troops out Jan 21st? Not bloody likely. Out of Afghanistan? Nope. Release everyone from Guantanamo? Don’t think so. Stop the tightened visa program? Stop freezing terrorist assets? Make nice with Syria or Iran? Invite Arafat to the White House for a sleep over? None of the above. I think the American left will shit. I can already see the “KKKerry” signs they will hold during the marches. In a way it would be good for the left and the Europeans to have Kerry elected and carry on essentially the same foreign policies. Then they will see that Bush may have made the wrong impressions, used the wrong terms, had the wrong style, but the broad scope of American foreign policy is what it is. Learn to live with it.


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