Thursday, May 13, 2004

Long Hot Summer

Let's look ahead to some prominent events that may be targets for terror attacks or other forms of organized violence. All of these events will see tens of thousands of protesters and will receive global media coverage. All of these events are perfect for assassination attempts.

June 8-10, the G8 Summit in Savannah GA - This is a meeting of the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK and the US. In addition, this year the EU will be represented by President of the European Commission the President of the European Council. Wow, what a tasty target for nearly anybody. It's almost too tempting. I mean, any armed group wants to kill one or more of these guys. Plus, the rather small city will be overrun with media and protesters. I don't think anything will happen though. The meeting is offshore and the Coast Guard and other military/security organizations have been working hard to protect this one. The chances of some organized violence in town, similar to the Seattle events in 1999, are higher.

June 28-29, the NATO Summit, Istanbul Turkey - This is a juicy one, even more tempting than the G8 because of the location. Bush, Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac and at least 12 other Western leaders will attend. Don't forget, the Islamists hate Chirac for the French ban on the hijab in public schools. It's not like they are fond of any Western leader for that matter. Earlier this month Turkey foiled one plot to bomb the summit. But that was probably it, right? I mean, they caught the one and only. Didn't they? But don't look for any Western style protests here. The Turks don't take that shit.

July 26-29, the Democratic National Convention, Boston MA - Obviously a media spectacle. One building filled with every important Democrat in the nation: governors, senators, congressional representatives, celebrity leftists, and thousands of more or less ordinary people. Twenty-four hours news coverage from the biggest names in the business. If you're an Islamist hoping to get an attack caught on video and shown across the globe, this is a rare opportunity. Look for some classic protests. This is a college town after all so expect the full-on protest freakshow. Guys on stilts wearing Ariel Sharon masks. Giant puppets. Maybe some effegy-burning. My favorite Stalinist group, ANSWER, plans a protest on Sunday July 25, part one of their two-city tour against the "Twin Parties of the War Machine". (isn't that an old Iron Maiden album?)

August 13-29, the Olympic Games, Athens Greece - The Mother of All Targets, a terrorist wet dream. And as a bonus, it's in Greece, a notoriously disorganized country boarding two Muslim nations. Financially and population-wise Greece is the smallest nation ever to host the Games. Can the jihadis pass this up? Things have changed since 1972 and I don't think it will be as easy as it was then. (To see just how simple it was for the PLO to murder 2 Israeli atheletes and take 9 others hostage watch the Academy Award winning film One Day in September The PLO pretty much just walked right into the Israelis' rooms. Unbelievable but true.) However the cost-benefit ratio of almost any attack is in the terrorists favor. There will be so many cameras in town that even a simple car bomb that doesn't hurt anyone has a good chance of being caught on video and broadcast worldwide about a million times. This is a great opportunity for villians to spread panic and get publicity if nothing else.

August 30-September 2, the Republican National Convention, NYC - Holy shit! GWB, Cheney, every important Republican, perhaps Bush Sr. And it's in New York. What more can you say? You could hardly pick a worse location from a security standpoint unless the convention was in Cairo. Even the police will protest in front of the convention. If the Democratic protest goes well, look for a little NYC-Boston rivalry to kick in and for the New Yorkers to up the ante. Bigger puppets! More masks! Rhyming chants! ANSWER is back for this one, part two of the War Machine tour, Sunday August 29. (They seem to like Sundays. I guess they have to be back busing tables at the vegan breakfast joint on Monday morning or maybe at an 8am Anti-Colonialism seminar at Columbia or just getting high in Mom's basement and listening to Das Kapital on tape.)

Stay tuned kids. It's a long hot summer indeed.


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