Monday, May 10, 2004

In the Headlines

US Forces Stike al-Sadr
Tanks and aircraft destroy al-Sadr’s headquarters in Baghdad.

French Anti-Semitism Watch
French Find Bomb at synagogue. This comes a few days after Nazi graffiti on a different synagogue and that was a few days after over 100 Jewish gravesites were defiled with Nazi graffiti.

Brigitte Bardot on Trial for Inciting Hatred
That’s right film buffs, the once super-hot French actress Brigitte Bardot (photos here and here) is on trial in France for a book she wrote attacking gays, the "Islamisation of France" and the "underground and dangerous infiltration of Islam".

Ciao Dickheads - Italians Arrest 5 in Suicide Bomb Plot
An Algerian Imam and 4 Tunisians were arrested in beautiful Florence and Siena. All were legal residents. The suicide attack was to take place in Iraq. The Imam, leader of one of Florence’s two mosques, think Iraq doesn’t have enough suicide bombings.

It’s Greek for Self-Delusion - Official Says Olympics Will Be Safest Ever
Last week's triple bombing didn't dent Greek confidence that the Athens games will the "safest and best" games ever. Pardon my skepticism. Look at the map. You couldn't pick a worse place for the games in Europe. Turkey is to the east where we've seen several bombings and the authorities just stopped a group planning to bomb an upcoming NATO summit. The Balkans to the north and we all know how calm and easy-going those guys are. And to the west, across the Adriatic Sea, is Italy, which is home to active jihad groups. So sure, the games will be smooth like butter. But wait, there's more.

Construction remains incomplete at more than half of the Olympic installations, including the main stadium, and key transportation projects are still being built.

No problem. It's Greece. They invented the Olympics.

That's the headlines.


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