Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Christopher Hitchens on Michael Moore

I was flipping channels last night when I ran across the always delightful Christopher Hitchens on MSNBC. (For those of you unfamiliar with Hitchens, he's a British political journalist and writer for Vanity Fair and, generally from the Left, but after 9/11 he became a staunch anti-jihad figure. Concerning Islamist terrorists, he once said in the New York Times, "You want to die for jihad? I'm here to help.") He's witty and mean and well-educated. First, he mauled the hapless Bianca Jagger, chewed her up and spit out the gristle. Then the host asked him about filmmaker Michael Moore, currently wallowing in French applause at the Cannes film festival for his anti-Bush conspiracy flick.

Hitchens called Moore "a promiscuous opportunist" before lunging after his real target, his European fans. His voice dripping with irony and contempt, he said, "As a sophisticated European, I must say that the joke is on the sophisticated Europeans who think Americans are fat, stupid, vulgar and ambitious and have chosen as their spokesman someone who embodies all these traits."

You gotta love this guy.


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