Monday, May 10, 2004

21st Century Whigs

Let me get this straight. The war in Iraq is increasingly unpopular. The prison abuse story is in its second week of blanket, morning to night, full media coverage. The economy is weak, as is the stock market and the employment numbers. The Vice-President is one of the most unpopular men in the country from a state with few electoral votes which the President would win in any case. Nearly every newspaper and commentator including the Army Times are calling for the Secretary of Defence to resign. Indeed his only supporter appears to be the reviled Vice-President. The best seller list is filled with book detailing how the administration is incompetent and/or corrupt. Most foreign leaders except Tony Blair (who may be even more unpopular at home than Bush is here) has a difficult time disguising their contempt for the President and his Cabinet.

Yet Kerry is dead even with Bush in the latest tracking poll. Holy shit. What more does Kerry want? Pictures of Bush making out with Method Man? He can't pull ahead of Bush even after the past 3 weeks of Congressional testimony, scandal, prison photos, Fallujah pull-backs? How can he not be beating Bush?

Look, if the Democrats can't beat Bush under these conditions, they should declare themselves the Whig Party of the 21st Century and fold up their big tent. If they can't beat Bush with all this, then they can't beat anybody.


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