Sunday, February 17, 2008

Muhammad Cartoons 3: Chaos in Copenhagen

Since the Danish Muhammad (Mohammed, Mahomet) cartoons are back in the news I thought I'd reprint a selection of my Muhammad cartoons, just to goose the fanatics out there. My collected Muhammad cartoons can be found here. 1. Crybaby Muhammad. I always liked this one, as a commentary on the hyper-sensitive, oh-so-fragile emotional state of so many Muhammadeans.
2. Muhammad's View of Free Expression. Not only is this one accurate, but the events in Denmark validate it.
3. Footprint Muhammad. I've read that the bottoms of feet are particularly offensive in Arab cultures. Plus, including Ali should piss off the Shi'a nutbags out there.
4. Dog Muhammad. I drew this one to support Swedish artist Lars Vilks. People seemed to like it. He is kind of cute. More on that episode here.
5. Atomic Muhammad. An homage to the famous Muhammad with the turban bomb, but with nuclear warheads and a mushroom cloud.
6. Muhammad the Skull. Muhammad, the Bearded Skull, Bringer of Death. The least amusing of the bunch.
7. Denmark Rocks. Finally, a show of support for beleaguered Denmark. We're with you, guys.

I have a few other cartoons. See Dog-Faced Muhammad! See Effeminate Muhammad! See Muhammad in Hellfire! And yes, even the Muhammad who loves cartoons.

Why do I do this? Will I apologize? Read the links. Feel free to send you comments, complaints and yes, your pathetic threats to Threats or sad little attempts to convert me to Islam may be published and subjected to ridicule and mockery. Good luck, kids.

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