Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dirty Hands

Hot Air and LGF (along with Jawa Report, Infidel Bloggers Alliance and other minor blogs) have spent the past few days repeating that they don't want to be involved in any way with bad nasty racists, religious bigots, or groups that espouse ethnic separatism.

Except that it's too late. Many of our closest allies are up to their necks in racism, religious bigotry and ethnic separatism, not to mention ethnic supremacy. For example, our NATO ally Turkey was created from a cauldron of the religiously motivated mass murder of the Armenians and the expulsion of the Greek Christians. The entire ideology of the Turkish state is based on the ethnic and linguistic supremacy of the Turks over the Kurds, as Spengler reminded us last week. Yet they've been our close ally for 50 years.

Japan, our closest ally in Asia, is a thoroughly racist state as a matter of policy. Third and fourth generation people of Korean decent cannot be Japanese citizens. They are legally Koreans despite not speaking the language or having ever set foot in Korea. This is state policy and has been since, well, since the Koreans were brought to Japan. Every year Japanese politicians including the PM visit the Yasukuni Shrine where the spirits of the war dead, including the Imperial war criminals who terrorized mainland Asia, are enshrined. Japanese textbooks, again as a matter of official policy, downplay or deny the Imperial atrocities in China and the size and scope of the so-called Korean "comfort women" (read sexual slaves). Yet Japan continues to be a valued ally.

During the Cold War the dearly departed saints of both parties, Kennedy and Reagan, worked with actual gangsters and deposed fascists in the fight against Communism in Latin America. These were not merely impolite people or mean-spirited nasties like the VB or the BNP. These were actual murders and true fascists who worked with the US government under both Democrats and Republicans. The US even worked with the quasi-fascist Regime of the Colonels in Greece as a bulwark against Communism. Again, these guys weren't Boy Scouts. The VB and the BNP, for all their faults, do work within a system of free elections. The Greek Colonels, Batista and Samoza were never democrats. They didn't even bother with the illusion.

We worked with some pretty disreputable people in the Cold War because it was a war and defeating Communism was more important than imposing a litmus test on the beliefs of our would-be allies. If, as Norman Podhoretz says ,the war against Islamofascism is World War IV, then we will need allies and these allies will not always share our very American views on 'race' (whatever that word means this week). In other words, we will have to work with people who have dirty hands. Or we can adopt a posture of self-righteousness and moral preening and wring our hands about those super-duper-mega-very bad 'racists' in Europe and isolate the people we should be engaging.


Blogger leadpb said...

Very good points there. I would only add that the current spat is being conducted on the padded playground of philosophical engagement rather than in "real world" terms. Bloggers have the luxury of distancing themselves from anyone or any view they see as polluting the waters. But off-playground, in the alley, you don't do a background check on someone who can help you fend off a thug, even if they seem thuggish themselves.

Though we regret some of our past alliances (personal or geopolitical), the ultimate result of allegiance to the PC mentality is blind pacifism, a sure route to self-extirpation.

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