Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dirty Hands

Hot Air and LGF (along with Jawa Report, Infidel Bloggers Alliance and other minor blogs) have spent the past few days repeating that they don't want to be involved in any way with bad nasty racists, religious bigots, or groups that espouse ethnic separatism.

Except that it's too late. Many of our closest allies are up to their necks in racism, religious bigotry and ethnic separatism, not to mention ethnic supremacy. For example, our NATO ally Turkey was created from a cauldron of the religiously motivated mass murder of the Armenians and the expulsion of the Greek Christians. The entire ideology of the Turkish state is based on the ethnic and linguistic supremacy of the Turks over the Kurds, as Spengler reminded us last week. Yet they've been our close ally for 50 years.

Japan, our closest ally in Asia, is a thoroughly racist state as a matter of policy. Third and fourth generation people of Korean decent cannot be Japanese citizens. They are legally Koreans despite not speaking the language or having ever set foot in Korea. This is state policy and has been since, well, since the Koreans were brought to Japan. Every year Japanese politicians including the PM visit the Yasukuni Shrine where the spirits of the war dead, including the Imperial war criminals who terrorized mainland Asia, are enshrined. Japanese textbooks, again as a matter of official policy, downplay or deny the Imperial atrocities in China and the size and scope of the so-called Korean "comfort women" (read sexual slaves). Yet Japan continues to be a valued ally.

During the Cold War the dearly departed saints of both parties, Kennedy and Reagan, worked with actual gangsters and deposed fascists in the fight against Communism in Latin America. These were not merely impolite people or mean-spirited nasties like the VB or the BNP. These were actual murders and true fascists who worked with the US government under both Democrats and Republicans. The US even worked with the quasi-fascist Regime of the Colonels in Greece as a bulwark against Communism. Again, these guys weren't Boy Scouts. The VB and the BNP, for all their faults, do work within a system of free elections. The Greek Colonels, Batista and Samoza were never democrats. They didn't even bother with the illusion.

We worked with some pretty disreputable people in the Cold War because it was a war and defeating Communism was more important than imposing a litmus test on the beliefs of our would-be allies. If, as Norman Podhoretz says ,the war against Islamofascism is World War IV, then we will need allies and these allies will not always share our very American views on 'race' (whatever that word means this week). In other words, we will have to work with people who have dirty hands. Or we can adopt a posture of self-righteousness and moral preening and wring our hands about those super-duper-mega-very bad 'racists' in Europe and isolate the people we should be engaging.

Constructive Engagement

"Constructive engagement" was Reagan's policy for apartheid South Africa. Under constructive engagement the US did not absolutely condemn the racist apartheid regime of white South Africa, but rather sought to maintain some degree of interaction in an attempt to persuade the apartheid government to mend its ways. Apartheid South Africa was the very definition of racism, yet the Republican's saint Ronald Reagan refused to utterly condemn the regime, preferring dialog.

If you suggest the same thing today with regards to the VB or the BNP you get banned from LGF or Hot Air.

Banned from Hot Air

AllahPundit has banned me from Hot Air. I assume it was for the following comment.

Krydor and others - Yes, you finally broke my spirit. I confess. I’m a die-hard fascist from way back. Each morning my wife and I bow in our Shinto shrine and pray for the eternal health of the Emperor.

I get it. You are better than me because you think that Griffin a really, really, really bad man, just as bad as Khomeini; that the BNP is equal to Hizb ut Tahir or Hamas; that the 4th largest party in Britain is truly a collection of sinister gangsters waiting for the right moment to violently overthrow Her Majesty’s Government.

Clearly I’m unworthy to engage in this discussion with my moral superiors. My most abject apologies for polluting your pristine discourse with my filth and pro-fascist propaganda. I’d have more to say but I have to go polish my Oswald Mosley statuettes.

Thomas the Wraith on October 28, 2007 at 10:26 AM

Clearly my sarcasm was not appreciated.

Update: AllahPundit kindly responded to my email. Apparently I am considered an apologist for the BNP despite my expressed statement to the contrary. So it goes.

In condemning the BNP AllahPundit relies heavily on some quotes from Griffin provided by a commenter. Note this one:
“Muslims gang rape women in Norway and other cultures. Only Muslims do this,” Griffin said.
While bigoted, this is not racist. Some may consider this splitting hairs but I think it's important to maintain the distinction between racism and religious or other forms of bigotry. (I know, you're thinking that of course I would say this since I'm a religious bigot. )
“You seek to deny the white people of the world the right to collect in their own community and self determinations; then you are a racist,” Griffin said.
This is repugnant in an American context but in England, this is more complicated. The US allows indigenous peoples to gather together separated from the rest of society. We call these Tribal Reservations and few seriously accuse these Indian tribes of being racists. The English are an ethnic group. They deserve to be recognized as such in their own homeland.

I'm certain that Nick Griffin is a thoroughly repellent individual. As a white man married to a Japanese woman I'm sure he would spit on me as a cowardly race-mixer. If he were an American I would condemn him in the harshest possible terms. But he's an English politician in England advocating for his own people and culture in their own land. I don't want to have dinner with the man. But branding him as a racist and a super-duper-mega bad man is moral posing and an exercise in self-righteousness. It does nothing to help us understand why the BNP is more popular every year or the social and political dynamics that cause ordinary Brits to join that party.

But it makes us feel good and in an American context this is all that matters, right? Yeah team.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Against a Common Foe

There's been a sort of blogosphere fistfight over the past few day at LGF, Brussels Journal, Hot Air and even at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance. Broadly speaking the fight was over the 'racist' views of the Flemish party VB and the British National Party. LGF roundly condemned the VB earlier in the week. Then tonight both LGF and Hot Air jumped on Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP.

Both LGF and Hot Air are major blogs with advertisers (through the PJM network). Hot Air is the creation of columnist, NRO and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin. These blogs are closely watched and cannot afford any taint of what may ever appear to be racism.

Nevertheless... Europe is not American and Europeans are not Americans. A Turk can move to Belgium or a Pakistani to Britain and each can gain Belgian or British citizenship. But a Turk can never be Flemish nor a Pakistani English (or Scottish or Welsh).

Europe is on the frontlines of the war against jihadism. The front runs through Brussels, London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Amsterdam and Berlin. The front runs between houses and down streets. As the struggle unfolds it will be wagged by Europeans, in Europe. Not only have reasonable, mainstream politicians and leaders proven themselves incapable of mounting an effective response to jihadism, these people are actually responsible for allowing the Muslim fighters to immigrate in the first place.

Europe faces a civil, political and social struggle between the indigenous Europeans and Muslim immigrants. We cannot realistically expect that those who'll engage in this struggle will be nice, upstanding, well-spoken young people, free of any racist attitudes or beliefs. We should not expect that they will conform to our very American views on race, ethnicity and culture. They won't.

So how do we react? Do we condemn them for this and ignore the struggle we share against jihadism? Do we naively wait for a European who will be against jihadism yet be enlightened (by our standards) on race? Or do we write off Europe as an irredeemable pit of racists and jihadists and proclaim a plague on both their houses?

This is not realistic. We will need allies in Europe and the future leaders of Europe will be much more like Franco than Blair. America has a long tradition of working with disreputable characters against a common foe. If we can free ourselves from the adolescent desire to maintain moral purity then we can revive this tradition.

The enemy of my enemy may not be my friend but that doesn't mean we can't work together.