Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dog Muhammad

Let the insanity begin!

The Swedish artist Lars Vilks made a line drawing of Muhammad (spelled Muhammed in Swedish apparently). Big surprise! Two hundred quintzillion Muslims around the world are displeased with his effort. (Background from NRO.) But the Swedes have undergone a national spine transplant and are not prostrating themselves before the OIC. A major Swedish newspaper wrote that the country would not apologize. The artist also refuses to apologize. Several newspapers have reprinted the cartoon of Mohammad (or is it Mohammed or Muhammed?) with the body of a dog. Add this to the list of 10 Million Things That Offend Muslims.

Over the next week or two Muslim activists, imams and dictators will whip up the mob. Islamic Rage Boy and his posse will get some press, no doubt in fine form, super-duper mega pissed off at the unspeakable blasphemy of a pencil drawing in a country thousands of miles away whose language they can't read. Feel the sincerity.

Well, never let it be said that I missed a chance to pile on while the piling is good. Yesterday I posted Muhammad the Dog, my variation on the original drawing, the body of a canine with the head of the first Muslim. Now I give you the Big Mo, not with the body of a dog but as a dog, complete with all the dog parts, enjoying a fine bowl of pork. He may be cute but he's not housebroken.

I have a few more planned including one extra-offensive cartoon guaranteed to give Islamic Rage Boy a stroke. While you're here you can view my cartoons from the first Cartoon War. Leave your angry sputtering crazy-talk in the comments or email me in my secure undisclosed location at As usual, those who threaten me will receive public mockery in return; those who try to convert me will get a laughter and derision. Happy typing.

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Muhammad the Dog

Cartoon Wars II: Sweden

This time it's one cartoon by an artist named Lars Vilks. Gates of Vienna has a round-up as well as news that Swedish newspapers and the Swedish government are standing firm against jihadist intimidation. So far Pakistan, Afghanistan and Egypt (all U.S. allies and recipients of billions in aid) have each weighed in with "outrage" at this "irresponsible and offensive" provocation. And it's not even a good cartoon.

To show support for my Swedish brethren I'll join the fray on my obscure little blog with more simple and stupid Muhammad cartoons. This one I call Muhammad with Dog's Head. Other cartoons will follow as I finish them.

If you like this one please copy and post it wherever you want. Or just link here.

My cartoons from Cartoon Wars I: Denmark can be found here. Feel free to leave comments or email me at Comments and emails may be posted if they are amusing, threatening or just plain weird.

Keyboard jihadists take note: I'm holding my most offensive drawing in reserve. Threats and incoherent anger in the comments only encourage me to post it.