Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Self-immolation As Protest Against Islam

From the Brussels Journal:

On Tuesday a Lutheran vicar set himself alight in the German town of Erfurt. The 73 year old Roland Weisselberg poured gasoline over himself and set fire to himself in the Erfurt monastery, where Martin Luther took his monastic vows in 1505. Bystanders rushed to extinguish the flames. The man later died of his injuries.

In a farewell letter to his wife the vicar wrote that he was setting himself on fire to warn against the danger of the Islamization of Europe. During the past four years the vicar had frequently expressed his concern about the expansion of Islam, urging the Lutheran Church to take this issue seriously.

More from the Australian:
A retired German clergyman who set fire to himself apparently in protest over the spread of Islam, died in hospital today, a Church spokesman said. Roland Weisselberg, 73, doused himself with petrol and set himself on fire outside a monastery in Erfurt in central Germany yesterday - a national holiday in parts of the country to celebrate the Protestant reformation.

Certainly a shocking turn of events. I couldn't find any other English language information about this. German language readers can follow the Brussels Journal link to Der Spiegel for more.

I'd like to say that this may wake up Europeans but I know better than that. Some people don't want their dreams disturbed, even as they sleep on kindling and smoke drifts past their fluttering eyelids.