Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Pace Quickens

I don't have anything new to add on the Londonistan Airline Bombing Plot. The details unfold by the minute. But I did notice that Anderson Cooper is at Heathrow tonight. He was in Israel yesterday. But that was yesterday.

The pace of war quickens. It was exactly one month ago, on July 11, that bombs exploded on a commuter train in Mumbai, India. The attack killed 179 people. The Indian PM accused Pakistan of harboring terrorists.
We are also certain that these terrorist modules are instigated, inspired and supported by elements across the border without which they cannot act with such
devastating effect," Singh said. "Pakistan in 2004 had solemnly given an assurance that Pakistani territory will not be used to promote, encourage, train and abet terrorist elements directed against India. That assurance has to be fulfilled before the peace process or other processes can make progress," Singh said.

Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? Hezbullah captured the two Israeli soldiers just after that. The Israeli-Hezbullah combat didn't start until days after the Mumbai bombing. You can search Gateway Pundit for all the other attacks since Mumbai, one month ago. The murderer in Seattle who killed one woman. The attacks in Thailand. In one month.

The attacks are coming faster and in greater variety - from lone assassins to death squads and suicide cells, from large complex teams attacking civilians to an entrenched military group acting as a proxy for a near-nuclear power.

Then there is August 22.
This year, Aug. 22 corresponds, in the Islamic calendar, to the 27th day of the
month of Rajab of the year 1427
. This, by tradition, is the night when many Muslims commemorate the night flight of the prophet Muhammad on the winged horse Buraq, first to "the farthest mosque," usually identified with Jerusalem, and then to heaven and back (c.f., Koran XVII.1).

That's also the day when Ahmadinejad said Iran would reply to the UN offer regarding its nuke program. He's been saying that since June. Why on earth would Iran plan the reply 10 weeks in advance? To the day? Could this be the end of the world? Since it's also the day when the Paris Hilton disc hits the stores, so I think the odds are better than even.

I guess we'll find out in 11 days.


Blogger Pastorius said...

Oh my god, the Paris Hilton disc hits stores on Aug. 22nd.

Did you hear she got bitten by her weird raccoon-like animal the other day? You see, all creation groans in anticipation. Even the animals are trying to put a stop to the inevitable unfolding of the end.

I have a feeling that if we could off Paris Hilton, we may be able to postpone the end by at least a few weeks. Then, we would have more time to think about how we could surrender even more to the Muslims.

We keep coming up with new ways to surrender, and none of them seem good enough. I swear, maybe if we surrender often enough, like at least once a day, they will leave us alone.

Then again, maybe they are attacking us BECAUSE of Paris Hilton. She might be the key to the whole thing.

You couldn't blame them, could you?

6:57 AM  

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