Friday, March 24, 2006

Sounds Like a Deal to Me

Outcry rises over Afghan Christian convert - Yahoo! News:
"A cleric and member of parliament from Badakhshan province said Rahman should be executed. 'It would be better to get no aid or military help from the West for 100 years than accept this affront,' said Sadullah Abu Aman."
I'll take that deal. See you in 2106 asshole.

They have a right to enforce their "laws" and we have a right to not help them. If Afghanistan does not want to be integrated into the modern world then they cannot expect to reap the benefits of the modern world.

This is an issue that cannot be compromised. It's yet another symptom of the clash of civilizations. If they execute a man because he converted to Christianity then the US should leave them to rot in the godforsaken wilderness. Why should we support such people? Why should we engage such a society? We don't owe them anything. If they want to demonstrate their independence by executing this Christian, then we should let them demostrate their independence by supporting themselves.

Afghanistan - sink or swim pal. You're on your own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They won't execute the guy. They'll play the game, listen to the religious conservatives, play for time.

But if they did, all hopes for a decent Islamic democracy in the Middle East is up shit creak and without a paddle.

10:46 AM  

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