Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Rightist Exploit Muhammad Cartoon Jihad

Maybe I can win a free trip to beautiful Sweden. Share a few brews with some lovely Swedes.
Playing with fire in Sweden? A radical rightist online newspaper in Sweden has joined the cartoon fray Tuesday after initiating a prophet Muhammad cartoon contest. The paper, Sd-Kuriren, justified its decision by saying it supports freedom of expression and backs the Danish newspaper that touched off the controversy by publishing Muhammad cartoons. "Freedom of expression in Sweden
outweighs the Islamic ban regarding prophet Muhammad," the paper's editor wrote.
Where do I sign up? If I could read Swedish I could enter the contest on the Sd-Kuriren site. Alas I cannot read Swedish. No blonde babes for me. So sad.

Seriously, this is just one more bit of evidence that the Cartoon Jihad is doing far more damage to Islam than the stupid cartoons ever did. The global Muslim freakout is feeding rightist causes all over the world. The BNP has posted the cartoons on their Website. I'm sure other nationalist / racist / rightist groups have too. Rioting Muslims threatening to behead and massacre people who "insult" Islam are giving fuel to the rightist camp.

Again, sad. Europe faces a rather unpleasant future divided between two extremes: radical Islam and nationalists. Not a pretty choice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

S√ĄPO (it is like swedens FBI/CIA) has got the site shut down. www.sdkuriren.se still works. The party has decided not to publish the photos. They were too affraid.

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wont happen here in the U.S.

Poor Europe hijacked by Islamist.

Hell Muhammad (may piss be upon him)

7:15 PM  

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