Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cartoon riots in Jerusalem

Cartoon riots in Jerusalem - Note that the "youths" didn't wave Hamas flags.
Dozens of Arab youths threw stones at police in east Jerusalem during a protest against Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad.

Police fired stun grenades to disperse protesters who waved Palestine Liberation Organization flags and tried to burn Danish flags, which they laid on the ground.


Blogger Wiccan said...

It always seems to come around to the Jews fault. The president of Iran says that we are the hostages of Zionism. The Jews have nothing to do with this and their reaction to everything they don't like with beheadings and violence has everything to do with the cartoons.
It is so old now that they blame everything on the Jew that it is rediculous.
Hell Muhammad (may piss be upon him)

1:43 PM  

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