Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Remake of the 2003 Hit

A Middle East dictatorship with a detailed history of anti-American behavior and rhetoric violates long-standing agreements with the 'international community' and is brought before the UN Security Council. Sanctions are possible. The military option is not off the table. If this sounds familiar it's because it happened almost exactly 3 years ago.

We are watching the previews to Security Council 2: Iranian Boogaloo, a remake of the 2003 hit we all remember so well. Like all remakes this one has a bigger cast, a bigger budget, and bigger special effects than the original. Unfortunately it's a legal drama, not an action-adventure.

Although the plot details are closely guarded, I bet it ends with a bang.


Blogger Pastorius said...

LOL. Very good, Thomas. I wish the reality of the situation were as humorous as your telling of it.

2:09 PM  

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