Monday, December 05, 2005

We Are Losing

“Psychologically and politically, the withdrawal phase has already begun.”

We are losing the “War in Iraq”. Not the physical war, not the concrete events in the actual country called Iraq. We are losing the “War in Iraq,” the story of the war, the rationale for fighting. Psychologically, politically, emotionally, visually and in a common everyday sense of narrative we are losing.

We will withdraw. You can call it 'drawn down', or 'troop readjustment', or 'force reduction'. You can call it Samantha but it will be withdrawal. It’s just like bin Laden has said: we can’t take casualties; our morale is low; we are a paper tiger.

Theoretically we may have best military the world has known. Our troops are the best trained. We spend more money. We have more high-tech widgets. Yada, yada, yada. All this looks great in parades and on paper. We have a mighty fighting force but we lack the will to use. What's the point?

Not that many years ago, during the Cold War, it was the declared policy of the United States to threaten hundreds of millions of people with nuclear annihilation. It wasn’t a secret agenda or a back channel diplomatic trick. This was the openly accepted military and political policy of Democrats and Republicans for years and years. I grew up with this. Now we can’t shoot at a mosque without our own citizens wringing their hands.

We’ve lost 2000 troops in Iraq, including those who died from accidents and illnesses. We are seriously contemplating leaving Iraq because of 2000 deaths in nearly 3 years. This generation will endure the greatest military-political defeat in US history because the public, not the military, has simply lost the will to continue. Give Zarqawi credit. A criminal thug from Jordan will force the so-called greatest military on Earth to fly home and lick its minor wounds.

We are losing the War Against Jihad. Iran is months away from the point of no return in its quest to build atomic weapons. We will not stop it. We will negotiate and hold talks and threaten sanctions. Then we will talk about negotiating a conference to discuss possible sanctions. Then we will propose sanctions as a topic for debate. Then we will lose the debate. Then Iran will test a bomb in the desert. There will be a period of media hysteria. Then Paris Hilton will convert to Islam and the topic will change. Our government will learn to live with the Iranian Bomb, even as the mullahs spread the technology to the worst people alive.

We are losing Europe. In the last 6 months we have seen British born suicide bombers attack London, weeks of nation-wide rioting by Muslims in France, and an ethnic European, Belgian-born female suicide bomber attack Iraq along with her Belgian-Moroccan (or Algerian) husband. Yet the biggest topic in Europe today is if there are secret CIA prisons holding the most dangerous of the captured jihadists.

We are losing ourselves. The President celebrates the Eid ul Fitar feast at the end of Ramadan but Boston rename its Christmas Tree “Holiday Tree” so as not to offend anyone.

I would love nothing more than to be proved wrong.


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