Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Shots Fired at Christmas Carolers. World Yawns.

"Sydney's Catholic Archbishop George Pell said bullets were fired at a school staging Christmas carols in Sydney's west on Monday night."

A school staging Christmas carols! Where is the outrage? Yesterday police gathered to protect a mosque that was not attacked. What does that tell you about the police priorities? (And you can bet if shots were fired at a mosque it would be headline news around the world, complete with riots in Pakistan.) Of course, the reporter doesn't have the slightest idea who could have fired the shots. The notorious 'white supremacists'? Neo-cons? Crypto-Zionist agitators?

Meanwhile the potential for violence increases. "Police also said they found 30 Molotov cocktails and crates of rocks stockpiled on rooftops, as hundreds of local surfers gathered at Maroubra Beach." Tick tock.

While most of the lazy media rewrites the same 'Australia-as-racist-society' stories, at least one guy gets it. "There is so much more to this than racism. And we're fooling ourselves if we pretend otherwise. ... Recognising human nature means that multiculturalism, though a fine sentiment, can only work if we unite behind a core set of values."

This core set of values does not include gangs of Lebanese men who "intimidate people, regularly threaten people within their vicinity with violence, drive around in large groups screaming abuse at people from cars with their music blaring, regularly brawling, etc."

These core values do not include "harassment inflicted by groups of these men - comments on our appearances, racist comments on our Australian background, unwanted touching, being followed while walking home by groups of men in cars (I was once followed all the way home - have never been so scared in my life), sexually explicit remarks while alone, with friends or with boyfriends, unwanted called-out invitations to have sex with groups of them, etc".

If the police or authorities won't do anything about this behavior, what do you expect the Aussies to do? Those who blame it on racism or alcohol or some other boogyman are only fooling themselves.

Update: Two members of the staff at St Joseph the Worker Primary School in South Auburn "discovered bullet holes in their cars and more than 20 shells were recovered from the scene.

The Catholic Church says it is especially concerned at the targetting of Christmas celebrations at a school attended by children as young as five. The carols service at Holy Spirit Primary School in Lakemba has now been cancelled." (ht: Jihad Watch)

Note that yesterday police blocked the streets around the Lakemba Mosque to protect it against rumors of attack. While Catholic schools cancel carol services police guard mosques. What message does this send?

The Archbishop sounds pissed, at least as far as Archbishops go. "I am deeply concerned about the targeting of Christmas celebrations at schools for students as young as five years old. The attack was apparently motivated by religious intolerance. This has no place in Australia today." The Auburn school community is not some lily-white, blond and blue-eyed Aussie stereotype. It is "predominantly Lebanese, with Filipinos, Chinese and Anglo families also represented". Now who exactly are those supremacists again?

The attacks are not limited to gunshots or to this one church school. "Earlier in the evening, about 400 parents and children were singing carols when a group of youths of Middle Eastern appearance verbally abused them. ...

A church in Macquarie Fields, also in Sydney's west, was damaged in the early hours of yesterday morning, suffering minor fire damage after what police believe was an incendiary device was thrown through the front door."

Gunshots, incendiary devices, verbal harassment of grammar school children and their parents. This is not the work of a drunken mob of Aussie surfers or a few neo-Nazis. These are attacks by Muslims against Christians in a Christian country during the Christmas season. If I were an Aussie I would be more than "deeply concerned". And I wouldn't be reaching for something as soft and tender as a mere cricket bat. Oi, oi, indeed.


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