Thursday, December 01, 2005

Marriage - Belgium Style

Apparently in Belgium one of the joys of marriage is planning a dual suicide bombing. A married couple who was arrested in Antwerp on Tuesday night in a large-scale federal anti-terror sweep were poised to depart for Iraq to carry out a suicide attack, police and judicial sources have confirmed.

Even distance and separation only fills the wives hearts with love - love of exploding themselves. The partners of several suspected terrorists being detained in Belgium are ready to carry out suicide attacks in Morocco, it was reported on Thursday. The claim was made in a police statement by Mohamed Reha, a Belgian of Moroccan ancestry who was arrested in Morocco earlier this month.

Charming, eh? Belgium just sounds better and better every day. "She told me that many Muslim women whose husbands were arrested in Belgium would like to become involved in Jihad, the holy war. She asked me to help them by finding someone to train them and supply them with explosives."

Who wants to start a Belgium Suicide Attack Pool? The easy money says there's an attack inside Belgium in 2006. Now that the jihadists have Muriel Degauque as a martyr and recruiting poster girl the clock is ticking.

What are the Belgian authorities going to do? Search all the Muslim women in all the train stations and public spaces? Even the ethnic Belgians? Don't hold your breath infidel reader.

Tick tock Brussels. Some marriages produce more than resentment and debt.


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