Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Train and the Pig

Writing in the Spectator Rob Liddle relates this incident in France.

Incidentally, my Eurostar train to Paris was attacked, just outside Rouen, by a wild pig, causing a two-hour delay on the line. The sanglier clambered down a steeply wooded embankment, paused contemplatively by the tracks and then launched itself, head first, at the 15.19 express from Waterloo to Paris. The Eurostar was an incalculably heavy, irresistible mass of hurtling steel; the pig a hopeless, minuscule excrescence of gristle and sinew. It was, therefore — if we anthropomorphise — palpably a suicide attack. You see, even the wild mammals have had enough of what’s going on in France and have taken recourse to direct action. Sooner or later the white, Christian majority will follow suit: there will be torched mosques, there will be stabbings, there will be more grotesque upheaval. For the intellectually lazy, lefty British journalists covering this inflammation: this is not Brixton 1981. It is, in the true sense of the word, more fundamental than that.