Thursday, November 10, 2005

Theological Housecleaning

I got a few hits earlier in the week from this MSN Search: why did God chose mahomet,muhammed. Needless to say I found this strange and a little ironic. For any future readers out there looking for this phrase let me answer the question as clearly as I can.

Why did God chose mahomet, muhammed, mohamed, or muhammad? God didn't. It never happened. The Archangel Gabriel never spoke to this guy. He's not a prophet of God. It's a story. Fiction. Untruth. Like Lord of the Rings or Spider-Man.

And while we're at it let's dispell the media propaganda that 'Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same God.' No. Negative. Nein. False. As in not true.

Christian theology is clear and uncompromising on this point. Allah is not remotely similar to the Christian God. Not now. Not ever. Allah is not God. Moreover, Christianity does not respect Muhammed, Mahomet, or Mohmed. He is not esteemed in Christian history or thought. On the contrary. Despite all the multicultural claptrap of late, Christianity has since the Middle Ages considered Muhammed and Mahomet to be a blasphemer and idolater. Just ask Dante and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Muslims labor under this bizarre and self-serving notion that people are naturally muslim and that somehow they get turned to other, 'false' religions. Again, for the record - prior to the writing of the Koran and the Qu'ran, (which was written by humans not recited by an angel) in the early 600s AD no one was ever a Muslim. None. Prior to the writing of the Koran the total number of Muslims in human history was exactly zero (0).

Since then the vast majority of people have not been Muslims. Today, again despite all the propaganda about how fast Islam is supposed to be growing, most people alive by a wide margin are not Muslim and will never become Muslim. Write this down for future reference. Most people ever to live were not Muslim. Most people alive today are not Muslim. Most people yet to be born will not be Muslim.

Clear? Thanks. I hope that helps. Have fun searching.


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