Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Put Down Your Self-Hating Liberal Guilt and Resist Egghead Imperialism

I Support Resistance to Ivy League Intellectual Imperialism. Unconditionally. Here's an example from what passes for a "student" at Brown University (ht: lgf).

Join the resistance against Ivy League Ass Heads. Work for the collective purpose of freeing the American people from pencil-necked weenies and spineless toads of all genders and sexual perversions. The American people have been subjected to centuries of intellectual and media imperialism by New England eggheads, relentlessly subjected to their propaganda, their paternalism and their condescension. The oppression must end! The American people must be liberated from the domination of this minority sect.

Let me be clear. While a bomb in Brown or Harvard is never-and I repeat never-a good thing, this kind of terrorism is necessarily complex. History is clear on the fact that the academy and media of an occupying regime are essentially prohibited from accurate representation of the occupation itself. Ideologically, the fact that a group of people in this country support their own occupation enough to enable it to happen indicates that the media will represent the view that America does in fact need to be occupied, for various reasons. This prohibits them from portraying the evils of occupation as necessarily evil; rather, they portray the occupation as unfortunate but necessary. In this struggle for liberation in particular, however, there is the added factor of intense egghead censorship and the unprecedented embedding of reporters inside the ideological mindset of the Ivy League oppressors themselves.

This etymological history, along with proof of a propagandistic media and academy, is significant only to a point. If there is one thing that we take away from 20th century history, it should be this: it is not the place of a geographical, economic and spiritual minority to decide who is worthy of what degree of autonomy. Granted, even the most inspiring national liberation movements had their crimes and their tragedies. However, those who continue to oppress us with their unending lies and willful distortions, who romanticize and admire the very enemies of our civilization cannot legitimately expect to be forever free from the violence they glorify.

End Ivy League hegemony! Join the resistance! Fight for your freedom!