Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Norwegian Taxi Drivers Go to the Dogs

Most Americans are probably familiar with stories of discrimination by taxi drivers. We usually think of it in terms of taxi drivers not wanting to pick up young black men for fear of being robbed or because they think it will be a low fare. But Fjordman has a whole new twist to taxi discrimination stories.
[B]lind people with their guide dogs are finding it increasingly difficult to get a taxi ride, and not just in the capital. In Oslo, Muslims make up such a high percentage of cab drivers that it can be hard to obtain a taxi during Islamic holidays. The following example is from the city of Drammen outside Oslo, one of the Norwegian municipalities where the number of Muslim immigrants is now so large that the conflicts are becoming significant.
In the example a blind woman was rejected by 21 taxis before finding one to take her and her guide dog. Islam considers dogs unclean (naajis) and keeping dogs is a habit and symbols of infidels (kuffaar). The inability for the blind with their canine companions to find taxi rides is so widespread that the Norwegian Blind Association acknowleges it is a problem all over Norway.

Ahh yes, the religion of compassion.