Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Dutch Right Party Banned from Protest

The crushing of right-wing dissent in Holland.

Right-wing politician Michiel Smit has been banned from staging a protest in Venray, the scene of recent clashes between Lonsdale youths and Turkish immigrants.

The mayor of Venray banned the demonstration by Nieuw Rechts (New Right) fearing vandalism by the protesters. Of course not every demonstration is subject to such bias and scrutiny.

"If every demonstration would be assessed in this manner, a rally could never be held again in the Netherlands," Smit said.

Why has Lonsdale been adopted by the right-wing, you ask.

Lonsdale is said to be an unofficial abbreviation for 'Laat ons Nederlanders samen de allochtonen langzaam elimineren' (meaning in English: 'Let us Dutch people gradually eliminate the immigrant together'). (Can someone tell me where I can by my shirt?)

This attempt to silence a European right-wing party is remarkably similar to a story today from Dhimmi Watch about how the media and political establishment ignores the Swedish Democrats. As I've said before, ignoring the growing right in Europe will only make the environment more tense and cause more problems in the long term. The backlash is here and it's gaining strength all the time. The European elite can try to co-opt it and bring it into the system by addressing the concerns of the supporters. Or the Eurocrats and multiculturalists can stick their heads in the sand and wait for the reckoning.

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