Friday, March 04, 2005

Palestinian Chaos Watch

Fatah "gunmen" attacked a police station in Nablus today. The gunbattle with PA police wounded a policeman and two attackers.
In other incidents this week, militants shot at the house of former cabinet minister Jamil Tarifi in Ramallah while others fired toward a convoy bringing new Interior Minister Nasser Yousef into the city of Jenin for a visit this week.
Earlier in the week in Gaza Fatah supporters tried to lynch the president of Al-Azhar university. Fatah-supporting students
went on the rampage on Monday, destroying furniture and setting fire to several administration offices and classrooms. According to the sources, the rioters then attacked university president Hani Nijem's office while he was inside.
PA police battled with the students for hours. Afterward the university shut down. On Thursday a bomb exploded at Joseph's Tomb, a shrine sacred to Jews and Muslims. An Arab woman and her four children were injured by shrapnel.