Thursday, March 24, 2005

More Than a Private Concern

An excellent article on the Schiavo situation in today's Slate. The author, Harriet McBryde Johnson is a disability-rights lawyer who suffers from "a congenital neuromuscular disease" and has trouble swallowing.

I know a tube is in my future. So, possibly, is speechlessness. ... My emotional response is powerful, but at bottom it's not important. It's no more important than anyone else's, not what matters. The things that ought to matter have become obscured in our communal clash of gut reactions.

I hope whoever is appointed to speak for me will be subject to legal constraints. Even if my guardian thinks I'd be better off dead—even if I think so myself—I hope to live and die in a world that recognizes that killing, even of people with the most severe disabilities, is a matter of more than private concern.

More than worth your time. Please read it and think about what she says.