Thursday, February 03, 2005

Yeah, Well, Almost

Vodkapundit writes about the Democratic Response to the SOTU:

"The response is from a mortician and a real estate saleswoman with too many tucks."

"It's time to kill the SOTU response. It's lame. Just lame. And also it's very lame. I don't care if it's Gingrich coming on after Clinton, or the dead guy talking right now. It's just bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad. And also lame."

Speaking of Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid, "This guy makes Pelosi seem lifelike." Yeah, well, almost. By the way how much "work" has she had done? Jim Hensen created more convincing faces.

Vodkapundit wraps it up: "I didn't feel like I was watching the response; I felt like I was rubbernecking." Keep moving, pal. Nothing to see here.

Even Andrew Sullivan, a Kerry supporter, wrote of the Democratic response, "A "Marshall plan for America"? Could these people be lamer? More out of touch? More pathetically pandering? Just when you thought you couldn't get any worse than Tom Daschle, you get this ... Jeez. "Groundhog day"??? "We can do better"?? Who writes this guff?"

Maybe I'm nitpicking. Maybe I'm detail oriented. Maybe I'm just a prick who simply doesn't like Nancy Pelosi. I'll leave that for you to decide. But did anyone else notice this from her speech?

"If these three steps are taken, the next elections in Iraq, scheduled for December, can be held in a more secure atmosphere..." blah blah blah. Just more Pelosi-bather, right? Except that the next elections are scheduled for October. That election is to ratify the proposed constitution drafted by the Tranistional National Assembly. The elections in December will be to elect a new government under that new, permanent constitution.

Again, maybe I'm asking too much. Still, I was barely watching the tv. I was on the laptop downloading cheerleader porn, paying only the slightest attention to Nancy and I caught that. It's not like she wrote her speech during the SOTU. Her speechwriter went through numerous drafts which were read by five or ten other people. Is it too much to ask that the Democratic Leader of the House get a basic, undisputed fact correct?

It's enough to make you believe that Pelosi spends as much time working on Iraq as she spends getting collagen injections. Yeah, well, almost.

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